Nelson May (a.k.a Super Nelson)

More Facts:

Is a voice actor

Super Nelson Facts:

Worked at NPR

Worked at Starbucks

Has a black cat named Boo

Is a budding superhero

Smokes cigars

Drinks single malt scotch

Wrote a book

Nelson May grew up just outside of Pittsburgh in Rochester, PA. He graduated from UNC Charlotte with a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. Although his parents wanted him to go into broadcasting school, he wanted to go to medical school and study cardio-pulmonary surgery. After graduation, Nelson was offered a job reporting traffic from an airplane. He started working part-time at local radio stations until finally landing his dream job at a local NPR affiliate. WFAE 90.7 FM was playing contemporary jazz at the time and sometimes Nelson spent 40+ hours a week on the air.


To go a new direction and use his biology degree, Nelson taught 8th and 9th grade science and physics for a few months. He then decided to leave teaching and started a mobile DJ business while still working at NPR. Within that time frame, he was offered a part-time job selling sports memorabilia. For the next five years, Nelson developed his on air skills, mobile DJ abilities and sales strengths.


In 2000, he decided to leave the corporate environment and become a voice actor. He made a home studio and with help from his father built an impressive sound booth. Voice acting was very lucrative until Hurricane Katrina hit. Then gas prices began to rise in the United States. This economic stress put a lot of Nelson’s smaller voice clients out of business. Seeing the writing on the wall, Nelson enrolled in a few film classes at the local community college to learn film and editing.


He started working on commercials and eventually was trained in the position of Video Assist. Nelson worked on commercials for the next few years while still doing one of two live shows left on WFAE called Nightscapes.


 As his film career began to mature, Nelson had to leave radio to devote his energy to film full time. After editing a golf show for two years, he decided to enter the construction side of filmmaking.


Nelson was a Propmaker on The Hunger Games and Showtime’s Homeland. He also worked at a cinema rental company called Cinelease and slowly became an Electrician. His additional film credits include Iron Man 3 and Homeland (Season 2). Nelson became a Set Decorator on Homeland (Season 3) and Banshee (Season 2). Nelson also taught voice acting at various broadcasting schools and taught Public Speaking for Duke University’s Certificate Program for Non-Profit Management.


Letters from Your Nightly Nelson is to be the ultimate “backup career” in case everything else falls apart.


Nelson May loves the film industry and will always work in some aspect of film and TV. If Letters From Your Nightly Nelson takes off, Nelson will follow the path and let it run its course.

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