AT LAST! Hilarious Observations for everyday situations concerning race, religion, gender, class, creed and sex!

Nelson May takes you into the obtuse world of situation comedy, as seen though the eyes of a freethinking anarchist. Step back and look at marriage, parenting, dating, pets and science, as situations unfold on the unconscious level, showing us how ridiculous we are when we act on and react to everyday situations.


Do you need advice on how to keep a dog from sniffing your crotch? As a man, would you like to know the twelve steps to understanding women? Ladies, read about what men REALLY WANT!


Do you want the ultimate answer to the question, “Let’s Be Friends?”  Find out why you should never rent a workout DVD. Learn why the Department of Motor Vehicles is the ONLY place that has achieved perfect equality.


Learn about why a wingman is the most important person you need in a social situation. Learn about why we need an expansion religion, why breakfast was invented, and finally the proof we have all been seeking:
The existence of God!


Finally an answer for why the toilet seat must be left up in the bathroom!

You can find the book at Amazon, iTunes and Nook, as well as other booksellers. Visit these stores for book samples and visit  Amazon for Paperback and Audiobook versions.

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